About us

Pura Fibra Gear is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Pura Fibra Gear is an official supplier of Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos, rashguards, shorts and other martial arts gear. We are jiu-jitsu lovers with the skills and passion to supply our community with quality jiu-jitsu gear. We believe that if we listen to our customers and pour our hearts into our work we will make an impact on the BJJ community through employment opportunities, sponsorship and the delivery of a healthy message. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Our goal is to spread a message about living a healthy lifestyle, to lead people towards jiu-jitsu and sports and to provide athletes with high-quality products that they can trust. We believe that our success lies in paying attention to our customer's needs, providing superb customer service and staying at the leading edge of technical product quality and craftsmanship.

The Spanish and Portuguese expression “Pura Fibra” refers to a lifestyle that maximizes athletic performance and health. The true meaning and spirit of the expression Pura Fibra are embodied by our jiu-jitsu community. Our company has been named in acknowledgment of athletes that lead exemplary lives.